Thursday, 7 January 2010

Ryanair Food

I've just got back to London from Marrakech courtesy of Ryanair; full marks to Ryanair for getting us back since many aiports have been closed over the last two days because of the snow. We arrived back a mere 15 minutes late. We talked to a couple at the airport who had been on an Easyjet flight from Agadir to London yesterday. They had travelled to Marrakech and the flight they were on a day later was posted "delayed" so we were very lucky to get back.

But this blog is for food reviews! I asked for a hot ham and cheese ciabatta on the flight. Unfortunately they had run out. I opted for a ham and cheese sandwich. What arrived is illustrated below. I ate half. There were what tasted like flecks of 'cheddar' in salad cream with canned sweet corn and polystyrene ham. It was I think the most disgusting sandwich I have ever eaten. In the interests of the blog I opened it up and photographed it mid aisle. One of the air hostesses laughed when she saw what I was doing. Unfortunately I then ate it. I still feel ill. This sandwich cost €5.

A better option might have been the 'cheeseburger with relish' available only on 'selected flights'. As it is illustrared on the menu (see below) surrounded by swirling naked flames this is perhaps just as well:

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