Saturday, 16 January 2010

Bibendum Oyster Bar

Bibendum Oyster Bar
Michelin House
81 Fulham road
020 7589 1480

The Michelin building originally designed as the British headquarters of the tyre company and opened in 1911 was acquired by Sir Terence Conran and Paul Hamlyn in 1985. I love this place and it has been beautifully restored. I'm not that keen on the more formal Bibendum restaurant upstairs but I also love the Bibendum Oyster Bar which spills out into the hall of the building downstairs. Its particularly attractive in summer but can feel cold and stark with its bare tiled surfaces in winter.

I had what I have often had here: a bloody mary and a crab salad and if really indulgent (as today) some white wine: it is the perfect Saturday lunch in a beautiful setting. All of the work is done for you for the simple crab salad. The white and brown crab meat taken out of the shell but not mixed up with mayonnaise, presented just as it is in a white and brown dollop with a simple green salad and lemon. Excellent and not unreasonably priced at £12.50. You also get a good portion of fresh french bread and butter thrown in. We had the house wine which goes well with this: a simple french sauvignon blanc which you can order by the 460ml pot for £10. The bloody mary is spicy and delicious but not cheap at £9.

It was raining hard and a distinguished looking Spanish gentleman on the table next door was wiping his wet suede shoes with the table napkin.

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