Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Whiteleys Shopping Centre
151 Queensway
London W2 4SB

0207 792 1977

Well I didn't intend to review nationwide chains but after the recent experience of eating in Postino and Cibo it seems fair to make the comparison. Ask may not be sophisticated eating but it was both better than either of these establishments and less expensive; in the case of Cibo much less expensive. Of course this is an 'unfair' comparison in that Cibo offers a level of decor and Postino its own one off family run theatre that a major chain can't, doesn't. But on straight food grounds I have to say I preferred it.

We had Spaghetti alla Bolognese, £7.95 and Fusilli alla Cacciattora, £8.75. The Bolognese was hot, very simple mince and tomato. Nothing special but perfectly edible. Lots of real black pepper and cheese. Not real Parmesan or Pecarino, I'm not sure what it was. The Fusilli was piquant (real chillies and fresh thyme) with real flavour. There aren't many places where you can get a Chianti flask and for 70s nostalgia we couldn't resist it: really not bad with distinctive sangiovese cherry flavours and reasonable value at £16.95.

The service couldn't have been better. We were taking somebody of a certain age and a bit lame out to dinner post the odeon cinema at Whiteleys. She needed help to get down to the ground floor and our waitress sorted asking Whiteleys security to get a wheelchair to help her to the lift and down. No fuss, just really helpful.

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